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She is a grade Artist of All India Radio. As a performing artiste, her rendition receives critical acclaim, right from her childhood. She has travelled all over the country and sung in prominent sabhas and centers. Possessing a brigha and gamakam oriented voice; she is adept in the handling of Ragas with articulation.

Almighty ordained Bakthi and Namasankirtana as the marga or mode of achieving supreme spiritual bliss in Kali Yuga. Like the Alwars in Tamil, the saints Tukaram, Gnaneshwar and Namdev had the darsan of the lord by singing his praise in Marathi. Their divine outpourings are a flawless category of music ingrained with repetition of divine names. In fact abhang as a word would indicate “immortal Music”.

Pushpa Anand is the first ever woman artist to give a complete 2 hour concert of full Abhangs. Trained in Marathi Abhangs and Hindi Bhajans since childhood by HH Haridoss Giri Swami, she sings with dexterity. Her rendering of the Abhangs is appreciated to be in its original style, couched it in its natural medium, without mixing it with the Classical Carnatic Music.

The concerts of Pushpa Anand is accredited because it is suffixed with the chant of the divine name repetition popularly called as the Namavali. Learning the truth that the objectives of music is not only to please the hearer but also to motivate a divine introspection, she uses the raga as a medium to cross the mundane barrier to be transported to loftier spiritual planes.

Not stopping with her own “anubhava” of the divinity that is praised by the abhangs, an attempt is made in every concert to spread that anubhava to the hearer.

Pushpa Anand’s plunge in to Marathi Abhangs seems, in retrospect, to be a divine ordination due to her involvement in the religious activities right from childhood. The roles she played in the dance drams organized at that time stand as clear testimonial of this. In the dance drama titled “Gnaneshwar”, bringing out the life events and spirituality of Sant Gnaneshwar, even when she was a child Pushpa danced the soul stirring and moving role of Mukthabai, the sister of Sant Gnaneshwar.

She is widely appreciated for her rendering of Abhangs and bhajans in Num T.V.

Awakened to other forms of music, her work in the advertising world is distinctly Characterized by a number of popular (ads) jingles. Ponds, Clinic Shampoo, Spinz, Ramco Cement, Prince Jewellery, Rajana Sarees are a few of her catchy jingles.

On even terms with the current trends and developments in the Music world, she has done well in fusion music also. Her performance in the fusion music album Mangalam released by Magna Sound and other albums of similar type is noteworthy and very well received.

Singing for leading Cinema Directors Mr.K.Balachander in “Jannal” and Mr.G.M.Kumar and for popular Music Directors Mr.Vidyasagar, Mr.Deva, Mr.Paul Jacob and Mr.Suresh Peters, she has rendered hit songs. She sings for Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam Movies.
She has sung
1) The super hit famous song “Machan Meesai Veecharuva” in the film dil.
2) The song “Hyrabba en magavadu” in the telugu film Veedu Samanyadu Kadhu.
30 In a Malayalam Movie named “Millennium stars” she had a rare opportunity to sing a few lines of song in bhojpuri Language also.

She is gifted with not only Music, dance has also favoured her. She learnt basics of dance “Bharatanatyam” from Smt.Krishna Kumari Narendran and Sri.Udupi Lakshminarayanan.

She played the role of “Muktha bai” in “Gnyashewar” the role of “Lakshmi” in “Purandaradasar” the role of “Sangili Nachiar” in “Sundaramurthy Nayanar” the role of “Seetha” in “Ramayanam” and the role of “Bhama” in “Bhama Vijayam”, all of which are dance dramas.

For her moving role of Lakshmi, the wife of Purandaradasar she was conferred the best child artist award. The dance drama “Purandaradasar” was later on shot as the child artists film titled “Purandara dasar”. It is a film bringing out the life and spirituality of Sant Purandara dasar.

In fact her mentor HH Haridoss Giri Swami organized various dance dramas bringing out the spirituality of various saints at Kandy, Jaffna & Nuverilia all in Srilanka. Pushpa and all the other child artists were Honoured by the then President of SriLanka, His Excellency Jayawardene.